James Miller b.1986, San Diego



James Miller (b. 1986, San Diego) has developed by questioning painting’s engagement with the history of photographic media and evolving digital processes, specifically with problems of projection and color profiles. His approach is a hybrid: combining direct painting, printmaking methods, and a modified airbrush technique. Materials placed tangentially to the canvas act as stencils or objects used in a photogram process--blocking applied paint to create a visual registration of time and position.  He constructs, scavenges, and subtracts forms, literally building and demolishing the painting’s compositional structures over the course of its making. In this way, the work’s subject matter is connected not only to encoded spaces of modern painting and drawing systems, but to image processing itself.


His paintings approach the fidelity of mechanical representations and misdirect their resemblance to information. These fixed traces call to mind filmic artifacts, blueprints, x-rays, and projections. Using handmade tools, Miller records the surreal residue of his local landscape. Impressions of light and motion appear as retinal afterimages. 


Miller graduated in 2014 from the Yale University School of Art and was awarded the prestigious Dedalus Foundation Fellowship in New York later that year.


The artist has exhibited at a number of spaces, including Joe Sheftel Gallery, New Age Drinks, Think Tank Gallery, LA and Strike Up The Band at the Art/Life Institute in Kingston, NY.


Most recently Miller has created an immersive installation at Meyohas Gallery in NY, NY. 

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